Random Amtgard Monster Generator

version 1.2 release
updated (sorta) with 8.0 stuff

Ecru Demonic Hob-goblin

Power Rating: 0.5
Level: 3
Garb: Ecru Spiked Armor with Orange Mask
Weapons: Daggers, Staff
Armor: none
Shields: Small

The Proud but Clumsy Ecru Demonic Hob-goblin
subsists mainly on a diet of Refried Coffee.
Its natural enemy is the Orca.
Shove (M)
Steal Life Essence (M)
Shield / shield size increase
Weapon (Staff)
Original version released in 2002... last update 2019. by Roger shrubstaff (NW/WE).

Released under Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0)